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110kVA Hyundai DHY110KSE


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Spec Sheets


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Product Description

The DHY110KSE is a three phase 1500rpm diesel generator from Hyundai which is designed to provide affordable and reliable standby power to your premises.

Powered by a Hyundai HY6B135Z-D20 diesel engine, the DHY110KSE produces a maximum output of 110kVA. This is more than enough output to power your family home or keep your business operating during a power cut. This generator is equipped with an AVR alternator which produces a clean and stable power supply, making it perfectly safe to use with sensitive electronic appliances. Any TVs, PCs, laptops, chargers and more in your home or office will not be damaged by this generator.

The huge power output of this generator means that it can easily power a family home with even the most demanding requirements. Estate owners will also benefit from this powerful generator if one large or several smaller buildings need power at the same time.

To guarantee the generator always ready to protect you from a power cut around the clock, you can configure it to work with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). An ATS system will automatically detect a loss of power from the mains, turn on your generator and switch over to that as the main source of power, and then turn the generator off and switch back to mains when it detects the power has returned. This peace of mind is priceless, especially when even a short downtime in power could have a big impact on your finances. The ATS package is sold separately.

All Hyundai 1500rpm diesel generators also have the optional extra of remote monitoring and control. Using WiFi or GSM, you can start and stop your generator from anywhere in the world via a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The benefit of having a 1500rpm generator for standby power, rather than a 3000rpm generator, is that a 1500rpm generator will have a much longer lifespan is properly serviced due to the lower revs. Housed in a sound attenuated canopy, this generator keeps noise levels to a minimum to avoid disturbance and it’s also protected from the worst of the Australian weather.

All Hyundai 1500rpm diesel generator sound proof canopies undergo an anti-corrosion painting process called electrophoretic painting. This process ensures all areas of the canopy have an evenly applied thickness of paint, ensuring maximum corrosion protection.

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Model DHY110KSE
Power Output kW/kVA Prime Power 80kW/100kVA Stand By 88kW/110kVA
Start Electric
Engine Displacement CC 6870cc
Engine Make Hyundai
Engine Type HY6B135Z-D20
Fuel Tank Capacity 245 Litres
Fuel Type Diesel
Features Silenced Weather Proof Canopy
Run Time 22 hours @ 50% capacity
Noise Level in dB(A) 69dB(A) @ 7m
Voltage 50Hz 230/400
Connection Method Hardwire /1 x 32Amp Three Phase 1 x 15Amp Single Phase IP67 Outlets
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 3400 x 1000 x 1700
Weight 1520 kg


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