Lighting Towers

Genelite’s range of lighting towers are ideal for any application where optimal visibility is crucial. Genelite’s range of lighting towers are suitable for Australia’s harsh conditions, and have been developed for peak performance and lifespan.

Genelite is the exclusive Australian distributor of Chicago Pneumatic lighting towers. This model is available in a number of choices for canopy design and features. It also has an environmentally friendly frame that prevents any excess fluid escaping.

Genelite also offers a range of Generac lighting towers. This range is compact, offers excellent fuel consumption and are suitable for a number of applications.

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Highly Experienced Suppliers of Lighting Towers

Genelite is a prominent Australian-owned and operated company, and we have been supplying power plants and other equipment such as lighting towers for over three decades. We pride ourselves on providing power on which you can depend. Not only do we hold Master Builders and Master Electricians’ membership, but we are also members of the Hire and Rental Industry Association and the National Electrical and Communications Association in Australia.

What You Can Expect From Genelite Regarding Lighting Towers

If you are looking for a portable lighting tower for sale, you will be spoiled for choice with the extensive range we have on offer. If you are not in the market to purchase your own equipment, we can assist you with the leasing of equipment, and we can even assist in selling your second-hand equipment. In Australia, we are pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Chicago Pneumatic lighting towers, as well as having a range of Generac lighting towers available for sale.

  • It is important to note that any lighting tower that you buy from this range will have a liquid containment tank – critical to avoid any leakages into the ground.
  • If you require a more compact lighting tower, we offer a wide range of these. You can load up to 25 of some of our units on a single truck. The flexibility offered in terms of placement of the light towers and the cost savings in terms of transport costs cannot be overlooked. Also, many of the units have been designed with reduced carbon emissions as being of the utmost importance – some with reduced emissions of up to ten tons per year when compared with older models.
  • We are fortunate to have electricity freely available on many industrial and construction sites. However, there are occasions when this is not the case, and our hybrid LED lighting towers are perfect to meet your needs. The fuel consumption of these towers is excellent, offering more than eight hours of continuous operation with zero carbon emissions. The hybrid towers boast a special pack of dry batteries which takes less than five hours to charge and comes standard with a 100 percent guaranteed charge/discharge cycle of over 4000 hours.

The Benefits of a Portable Lighting Tower

In our eco-conscious world of today, light towers have made significant inroads into what has traditionally been an ‘old-school’ yet unsustainable industry. Also, portable lighting towers are not prohibitively expensive, considering their numerous benefits. Fixed lights can result in dark spots or areas onsite where the light is unable to reach. Shadowed areas are eliminated when you have a portable lighting tower as you can shift it as required to achieve optimal light.

  • Our LED lighting tower is designed to ensure peak performance under challenging conditions, while also being flexible in terms of design features and canopy design. All towers are constructed in such a way as to optimise their lifespan and resale value. You will find a tower for any budget, suitable for any site, under any condition. The towers do have wheels, but there are some which can be attached to some vehicles for transport purposes. The glare produced by LED lamps is often not as harsh, and they also use less fuel when compared to other towers that use metal halide lamps. The life expectancy of some of our LED lamps is over 35000 hours.
  • If you require a solar lighting tower, we offer a variety. These are compact and easy to transport. Brightness, battery life, and performance are just a few benefits. You will find the unit’s control panel simple to use. If you find sunshine lacking, there is the option of connecting the tower to an external source of power.
  • There are occasions where sunlight is not as accessible as you would like. In this situation, you can select a diesel lighting tower from our extensive range. These items are ideally suited to areas where you are not able to set up any fixed lighting – in practically any location. These towers are so versatile that they can be used on industrial sites. Yet another benefit you will discover is that some of our lighting towers will use the same amount of energy to generate more than four times the amount of light that traditional fixed lighting can. These particular units use less fuel than their fixed counterparts, and you will not need an additional generator to supply them with power.

Why You Should Use Genelite

It is fair to say that we’re an Australian institution – we are proudly Australian owned and operated. Our brand has been in existence since 1988, with our manufacturing head office based in Brisbane and a warehouse in Perth. Our management team boasts over 100 years’ combined experience in the industry. We are renowned throughout the Pacific region and Australasia for providing excellence in terms of both our service and the quality products we provide.

For your added peace of mind, we offer extensive servicing and spare parts on our products, as well as giving you full access to our 24/7 back-up support, as well as a break-down service should the need arise.

If you require any additional information about any of our lighting towers, please feel free to get in touch. No matter where you are situated, we will be happy to assist via one of our branches or distribution centres located country-wide.


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