Genelite has a 24/7 breakdown service

Genelite’s 24/7 breakdown service means you can call us when you need us.

Genelite’s 24/7 breakdown and support service gives you peace of mind knowing that you can call us whenever you need us. No matter what make or model, or where you purchased it, Genelite is able to repair and service your generator.Genelite 24/7 support

On top of that, to make sure your generator is in good running order on an ongoing basis, you should consider a Genelite service agreement. For a low monthly fee, Genelite will provide monthly inspections, preventative maintenance, and service your generator annually.

Backing up its servicing department is Genelite’s extensive spare parts division. Components, filters, and thousands of spare parts for a wide range of makes and models of generators are available under one roof at Genelite.

Genelite’s technical staff are fully trained and stay abreast of all the latest technical and engineering advances. They have all the know-how and equipment to handle all makes and models.






Speak to one of the friendly staff at Genelite on 1300 305 912 or visit us at

Genelite – power you can rely on!

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